About time for new strains

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Would love to see indoor premium sour deasel hit the page .been awhile most be hard to get especially the premium.


  • Never seen premium Sour Diesel. Would try it, though.

  • I'll take some non-premium indoors. I feel like the quality difference between most of the indoor and premium is more subjective than objective, the majority of the time.

    I kind of wish they would make it more clear the quality. One outdoor might be indoor quality, the next nowhere close. One indoor might be below average, the other what you think would be "premium" quality. It feels like gambling a lot of the time.

  • Honestly there is rarely a lack of quality @jeresI0de22Tr in my personal opinion anyway. Periodically there might be one strain that’s a bit more on the “meh” side than not periodically, but they rarely sell product that isn’t of fair quality.

  • I’m still waiting on my last order. My ID always works and according to it it hasn’t even shipped out and I had confirmation on Tuesday. The time from when they get the order from the time it goes out seems to have slow down to me. I’m not complaining just an observation.

  • I started ordering in October of last year. Then, like now, Raskal was on the MedMama menu. I think I ordered it and was hugely disappointed. Since then there have been only two disappointments: Loud's November 2019 Gorilla Glue and MedMama's Sour Diesel (from March of this year).

    Point being: Gorilla Glue #4 is notoriously hard to grow. Is the same true for Sour Diesel?

  • Is anything really hard if you've done it before? I'm sure it will be back someday.

  • "Hard" might not be the word. It has a very sativa (tall) growth pattern, or so I've read. Not all growers can or want to accommodate it.

  • I was reading about OG kush’s yesterday and how at it’s peak it was selling for $8000 a lb..crazy..I guess the Fire OG was judged to be one of the closest cuts from the original..the Alien OG and MAC have nice OG aromas imo. Part of the article talked about how it was harder to grow because it was very low yielding.

  • So it's inefficient/low yielding as far as economics go. Oh well- demand means make it a premium.

  • I got some good news and went back to the menu to find...a sadder and lonelier place than I remember...

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    @georgetirebiter lol! yes indeed. I’m going to hold out for something new. I think. Tempting about the premium wedding cake. But I still haven’t received an order from early last week. Lodi dodi always good to have.

  • @superman38NC, low-yielding rings a bell for GG#4. I could be thinking of Thai...a strain that gets really tall and unwieldy.

    In other news, all I can think about is sunlight, glorious sunlight, and all the plants of the world, soaking it up, doing their thing. I predict this will be one of the best grow seasons any of us has experienced in our lifetimes. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and write it down this message: glorious weather (post-pandemic clean air) and nosy neighbor pandemic shutdown syndrome will conspire to make it happen...this is my dream!

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