Lavender Haze

Lavender is one of my favorite cannabis strains, as are all the Haze variants I've tried. So I was very happy to have this particular combination.

The buds, uniformly medium, look neat and well-manicured for outdoor herb. I would say they could probably be passed off as indoor based on the look and smell. The cure is perfectly to my liking--not wet, not dry.

The smell is more like Jack Herer than the "other" lavender flower. On the inhale, it's the sweetest thing I've ever smoked. Melao--like syrup. There are deep, complex herbal notes, too, like a Purple Haze, for example. I've praised many herbs for their smell and taste, then grown to love them later for the high. This strain might yet be another example. Three hits in and all I can do is marvel at how fun this is to smoke.

If anyone has comments on the stoniness, feel free to comment below! (As will I, no doubt, later...for now it's a good sign that I want to immediately start drumming, to the exclusion of writing and/or finishing this review...pardon me...)

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