Mango Haze distillate...Space Queen still M.I.A :(

Well unfortunately my Space Queen wasn't waiting for me when I got home, however my 2 mango haze distillate syringes came through from Med Mama. I had quit vaping with cartridges, because they're probably the most counterfeited thing in this area. I don't have the trust I once had when carts first started taking off. I swore I wouldn't smoke them again until I got them straight from a reputable dispensary. And here we are :)

This is some of the smoothest distillate I've ever had. I'm not coughing to death. That's a plus. Took 3 hits, and im definitely feeling it.
It's melted my anxiety away, which is always something I'm looking for, and I can feel the "baked grin" on my face now. I'm def satisfied 😌


  • Update: Super lit 🤣 Probably the best strain I've had for my anxiety. Gives me energy....probably so much that I shouldn't have smoked it before bed, but still a calm body high. Extremely euphoric. I would love to get a hold of the flower!

  • I agree, received my mine last week. My only gripe is the distillates I received only gave me 1 1/2 g and not 2.

  • Great review. The carts here last so long too!

  • Oh no, did you message them about it @rshigh81?

  • @MikeyC I love to keep a few carts around. I try so hard not to make distillates a regular thing since it doesn't take long for my tolerance to build though 😩

  • I said the same thing about carts because they are all fake here. I did order 2 ghost og Sunday and was hoping I would get them by tomorrow but maybe got my hopes up too high lol

  • @WDEgkj I knew when people started getting them in MAJOR bulk around here and sellig them cheap, the cart market had been stomped on and ruined. I'm not taking any chances on shit that might not be legit. I will say I'm very happy with my distillate from MedMama and know I'm getting quality stuff. Hope yours comes soon!

  • @OneLove thats where I got mine from

  • The carts I've had are from med mama and hit better/last longer than what I bought in Colorado.

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