Orange Citrus Kush Review

So, I was picking up my 3rd order of Blueberrry Muff and decided to scoop a qtr of the orange creamsicle. But I got subbed for the orange citrus kush, oh well...
So, this bud is FRESH, moist small-med buds. Not dense, kinda loose buds. This bud is SUPER LOUD ORANGE fragrance. I personally was looking for a subdued orange, thats why I ordered the creamsicle. This is WAY too orange for me. But I am smoking some anyway.
Smooth smoke. Tastes great. ORANGE. The high is chill and mellow. Not zippy and not couch locked. Definitely a nice premium bud and If you love orange strains this is for you.
Me, well I will give this orange to a friend and just pick me up something different.


  • Same @blazed they subbed me waiting on my friend to pick up this 7grams it is to orange For me but I hope u got some og skywalker the stuff is perfect but vanilla frost is some top shelf ⛽️ as well and donkey butter is so potent it’s crazy 😜

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