Grape Ape indoor from Loud - Indica perfection.

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I had this when they carried it a while back and Loved it! When i saw it on the menu i wanted more!
It got lost but amazingly the replacement was still Grape Ape!

Looks: Spectacular.
These are definitely premium even though technically they are indoor. they look insanely good!
Orange hairs everywhere.
An astounding amount of caked on crystals and trichromes. Even on the stems and leaves.
Literally looks like the buds are rolled in kief. Never seen anything quite like it.

Smell: burst out of the bag strong! fruity! My first thought was juicy fruit gum? Or that old fruit striped gum. Citrus...Whatever it is it’s intoxicating. If I could fill my house with this or wear it as a perfume I absolutely would!!! Definitely some fresh pine.

just what i like as a strict indica only smoker.
Smoothe, mellow, relaxing. I’ll have to smoke it more but very very nice so far!
Euphoric, creative but not at all buzzy or fast or paranoid. 😍😍😍

Easily an all time fave!!!! ❀️


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