Time Games II

I've gotten my last three orders in exactly seven days each... Is this a coincidence, or are we in the midst of time travelers?


  • I’d kill for seven days right now. I got one label created seven days ago and it hasn’t been scanned since and everyone of my packages show the scans on ID. Who knows

  • Time travel is real

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    @maryjanelover11 yeah, just smoke some dust (pcp) or DMT, maybe eat 10-12 grams of some APE cubensis... It’s Definitely feasible. 🙂

  • `@Fastguy199. I once travelled through parallel universes for 24 hours once on mescaline. Also fractured space time into fractals and i was the singularity. And i had to reassemble the known universe one night. Basically i was the big bang, snorting Special K. Dmt i launched through a vault into a universe of orbs with a guide always behind me. Good times past.

  • @SpongePail you sound like a rad dude! I would kill to get my hands on some mescaline (not literally) but literally 🤣 working on some Ape cubes now 🤫😴

  • Love shrooms. Knew, hell know of if i wanted a private field withe cubes and copes most years

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    @SpongePail Haha awesome! I've heard a lot about mescaline from my uncle.

    There is quite a bit of interesting information about it out there. It's available for labs to purchase; makes me wonder what they use it for?

    Ever feel like you're wearing shoes when you're not? Vaped too much!

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