Vanilla Frosting....

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My goodness, it didnt take much for the VF to hit me....Felt it in the head, but my body was a bit numb. Not totally couch-locked, but i felt if i smoked more that would have changed....Did have the best sleep i've had in a while, and also was girlfriend approved. Anyone else have the same feeling?


  • Yes man that’ stuff is amazing love the taste best sleep I’ve had in years

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    😳 that’s a beautiful nug..wish I had ordered at least an 1/8th of that..

  • @superman38NC same here, i requested it as a free sampler....

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    Here's the pic of mine from a while back.

    image2020-06-03-05-20-31" alt="" />

  • has anyone tried the one ? from medmama

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    No but the vanilla frosting is good =)

    May order some for the name sake.

  • there is none left

  • @maryjanelover11 oh that sucks. I haven't been on the site for a day or two.

  • Recall that the "The One" review thread turned into an argument about THC levels...

    If I had to buy a menu strain right now, it would be a tough choice. It wouldn't be Lodi Dodi because I have a lot of it, from two different batches. Raskal...eliminated because it's spelled with a "k." Very dodgy. Maybe the Pink Grapefruit? The Capstone is the most interesting because it's new, and based on the good review(s).

    It's a very odd feeling when the CBD strains start to look more and more attractive. Last time this happened, I bought and reviewed two of the CBD strains just for fun...well, also, I was getting too high to perform certain biological and financial functions...

  • @georgetirebiter Too high to reorder?

  • I'm definately a fan of capstone.

  • @MikeyC, plenty of cannabis on hand so no need to reorder.

  • @Jdtokes i have Capstone but i havent tried it. I just stored it in my infinityjar with a humidity pack. Going to try on Friday though, as a treat to myself.

  • @charlij2328 I have some sitting in a cvault with a 62%rh pack. You really can't go wrong storing them like that. The buds last a really long time and seem to improve on quality the longer they're in there.

    I'll have to dig it out and do a review on it soon. My first and 2nd experiences were so different from other strains and I had others besides capstone that day.

  • @Jdtokes I got a sample gram of Capstone and I was def pleasantly surprised. There's not a whole lot online about that strain

  • TacTac
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    Yes I agree I put some chemdawg up for a couple weeks and when I first got it the smell just wasn't there. Now it's like night and day with smell and a very strong high .
    If this strain comes back will definitely get second on it

  • Boveda rehab?

  • Anyone else tried an orange peel rehab...that went wrong? It seems to give a quick pep to the flowers, but then they go limp shortly afterwards.

    What a sentence that was. Sheesh. Anyway, is it me?

  • @georgetirebiter - used the orange peel rehab back in the 1970s with mixed results - boveda packs are better in every way...

  • @agingboomerfl I used to do that 20 years ago with dry brick. Sometimes it did help rehydrate them and you could make out actual buds instead of compressed green. Had to be careful though or it had the possibility to mold.

    It wasn't the best but it still worked. Plus it tasted good!

    Boveda packs are the way to go though. They seem to do more than just make the buds last longer.

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