Master kush

It’s off the menu I’ve been subbed twice do u guys always put a sub on your orders because I’m wondering if they subbed me and if they did I should have the pink grapefruit Kush it only make sense right both indoor and kush and grown well I hear just don’t wanna be disappointed well we I will find out Friday but I’m most definitely adding subs to the comments on my next order cause I really want mk but only thing that wouldn’t upset me is grapefruit kush


  • Not sure why people keep worrying they will get subbed if something is off the menu. Most of the time its off the menu because of what you ordered. You most likly got the last of the batch.

  • Thanks bro but I ordered wedding cake it was on the menu for days after even still I didn’t get wedding cake no problem tho wanted everyone’s opinion because I am new so it kinda was upsetting not trying wedding cake I just didn’t wanna open the package and boom no master kush but I definitely ordered wedding cake it was on menu for a few days after I ordered and still no wedding cake so u can’t say that bro 😂

  • Ordered premium wedding cake hours after it was up on menu, mail came wedding cake still on menu, open package and was subbed, vanilla frost, was disappointed till I tried the vanilla frost, no longer disappointed, awesome half oz .as good as the watermelon Kush.

  • Lol I loved vanilla frosting but so far og skywalker is the best I’ve had on the site that’s why I’m waiting on this master kush

  • Oronge kush put me on my ass to not gone lie

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