Strawberry Dream

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I first had strawberry dream as a freebie J when I first discovered the site. I thought it was a great strain and was a nice head and body high.

When it came up on the menu again I decided to give it another go.

Smell: nice sweet aroma with a slight earthy skunkiness. Smells like you just picked strawberries out of the strawberry patch, well...a little more sweet kind of a hint of strawberries but not overpowering right out of the bag.

I popped them in a cvault and let them sit. Fast forward a few weeks, the buds are smelling righteous! Nice crystal coverage and the smell is more strawberry like than before. The smell overall is stronger.

Buds have a nice bright color with nice orange hairs. Trichomes are present all over the outside and the buds look frostier than the photo.

Flavor is nice, smooth, and sweet on the inhale and earthy on the exhale. The flavor is great and makes one want another hit.

The high was nice and smooth as well, was a good balance between head high and body high. Not overly strong but definately was a nice happy and relaxing high. No couch lock and didn't make anyone zone out. This strain made us more talkative without losing our train of thought.

We all sat outside around a camp fire and passed the bowl around, everyone was happy, laughing, and feeling great! We sat out and talked late into the night.

After the strawberry dream we ended the night with some blue zkittlez, which was a great smoke for the end of the night.

All night long our friends asked where I got my bud from, I didn't tell them and just said I don't know what you're talking about! I don't really want to tell them yet, it's fun watching them laugh their asses off and on some occasions tap out early haha.

Oh ya, quick side note. I don't know why, but imgbb wouldn't let me upload any of my pics. I kept getting an error that said I'm resricted from using their site. I didn't sign up as a member on their site and I always use a VPN as well as a private browser, so not really sure why it restricted me unless it was because of my VPN or the browser (tried a few and the same happened). I ended up getting it to post here anyway. =)


  • I dont remember seeing this on the menu. Great pics!

  • @maryjanelover11, that's one for the old timers on this was on the menu like three months ago!

  • I was lucky enough to get some of this and it was fantastic.

  • @Jdtokes Great pics. How are you able to post them directly on the message board? I can’t figure it out I’m an idiot.

  • @Theboyua I'll write up a quick tutorial. It's quite a bit easier than one would think. Unless someone beats me to it, I'll do it after work. I don't want prying eyes on my screen while at work lol.

  • I received a couple freebie J’s of it..was very nice..another great one is the Strawberry Diesel..I need to figure out how to post pics on here

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    @Jdtokes thanks dude!! You got this for med mama right? I can’t even remember who I got it from. No never mind this was loud. I remember now. I got the fruit punch from Mad Mama. I get my red fruit strains confused. LOL. I didn’t realize how good miracle alien cookies and gorilla glue number four were until they were gone. I finally received The One from med mama. The buds are not impressive at all but a nice full body high. Great for later in the day. I do think I’ll stick with indoor from now on however.

  • @Theboyua that SD was from Loud.

  • Reading reviews like these remind me of great letters from penthouse.

  • @MikeyC Thanks! Haha. I'll take it

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