Space Ape..

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My newest blend sensation..50/50 mix of Space Candy & Grape Ape..pungent sour grape aroma when ground together..smack to the body and head..straight 🔥..anyone else have a favorite blend of strains from MM?


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    Super Lemon Haze/Super Silver Haze are also amazing together..I like to put a little more SLH than SSH..great late afternoon and on..

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    Master/Mac combo at the moment
    Skywalker/Bubba earlier. Usually experiment when able .

  • In the morning, I scrape up the leftover shake from the night before and mix it with CBD bud. Right now I'm amazed by the peppery taste of...CBD Northern Lights??? What the hell is that? Can also taste what is most likely Bubba and one of the recent fruity strains.

    Some days it works better than others...but a routine is is a healthy breakfast.

  • @MizterNiceGuy those blends sound great..endless possibilities 😀 I really like the MAC & MK

    @georgetirebiter i haven’t tried the CBD flowers from MM..I have a few oz’s of Lifter i acquired locally..I like CBD flower just don’t use it as much as I probably should

  • @georgetirebiter - love CBD moonrocks (Not from MM) combined with Loud's Super Lemon Haze and Death Star (both resuscitated with Boveda packs) - a 5-6 hour long experience with .5 gram per bowl...

  • That sounds like a pretty good breakfast, too @agingboomerfl ...

  • Yes it does @agingboomerfl! Never tried moon rocks..have everything I need to make them.

    For breakfast I pulled out some Loud Strawberry Diesel..smells as good or better than the day it arrived..forgot how good and energetic it is..knocked out a few hrs of yardwork with a 😊

  • Always wanted to try moon rocks too! Im guessing its the same as what was once called caviar I think

  • @nefgreen - CBD Moonrocks (legal ???) are made by Caviar Gold (out of CA) and can be purchased at quality head shops everywhere ~ $ 55.00 / 3.5 gms - King Kush OG + kief + CBD " Hash Oil" infused = Minimum of 4 hours - very strong Indica High

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