Anyone else live on the west coast and no packages after 12+ days?

I understand delays due to the pandemic and the nationwide riots, I was just wondering if anyone else that lives close to the shippers have received their packages yet. I live very close to both shippers and usually receive my package in 4-5 days, but the order I placed 2 weeks ago hasn't even made a label yet. Is it both west and east coast experiencing massive delays or just the east coast buyers?


  • No real delays here but I am on the east coast. Been about a week or less. All have tracked for me so far.

  • @realshmoke420 I'm STILL waiting with you from my Space Queen order from the 24th lol. MedMama orders still coming in surprisngly quickly though.

  • My state borders the atlantic. Ordered wednsday, shipped friday, expected delivery Monday, from Medmama

  • It's crazy cuz for some reason I read a lot of posts where people in New York have gotten theirs in sometimes 4 days...mine always always takes 8+ and I'm at the 4 states so I just dont get it....gets irritating at times when ppl be up on here living in my same area claiming they get theres in 3-4 days tops...makes no sense to me...but so long as they are still coming in, I'm just going to be grateful and thankful for that much.

  • Things are flowing I have gotten packages to the mid-Atlantic coast this week in 5 days
    confirmed order 10:57 pm 6/1/20 both med mama and loud came today!!!!!

  • It's the protests, covid and the budget/staff of your state and local PO

  • @realshmoke420 sounds like something is up with your order. Def check in with MB about that.

  • I received my 2nd Order (med mama) but not my first (Loud and Co.) I ordered my first order on 5/21 and my second order on 5/25.

  • @charlij2328 Not my business but, are you west coast? Just trying to see if people on my side are experiencing similar problems.

  • Ah welp, guess I got unlucky with this order. Was really looking forward to some Space queen. Hopefully they can reimburse me with another great sativa.

  • Same @realshmoke420. I'm waiting for my mail to come today and then sending out that email if it's not here 😩. Made me a little hesitant to order from Loud again right now, but I took another chance because I'm down to 1g of flower and I don't want anything around here on the street right now.

  • Bro I ordered the Outdoor Super Lemon Haze, and Im still waiting for it

  • Damn thats a really long time I feel that has been off the menu for a while right?

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