Hello my friends, I hope everyone is safe and healthy and high..

Give me your thoughts on current selection of strains here...looking for the stinkiest blow up your house smell there is, prefer indica or hybrid...the keifiest furry stuff...

And go....! (thanks in advance)


  • If i were you i would wait until they reup strains.

  • Yeah there really isnt much right now. Maybe the lodi dodi...I havent had it myself but heard it was good and I have had it in the past.

  • I'm curious about the 1:1 CBD

  • Capstone and Lodi Dodi are the closest. Neither is really what you want. What @SpongePail said about waiting...

  • Oh wow..ok thanks fellas..

  • edited June 2020

    And now aren't you glad you waited? Premium Do-si-dos!!

    @lightshow11, also note: Premium Sundae Driver on the MedMama side.

  • Wow George you are on it!! I have temporarily taken of Sundae Driver due to a glitch (it's actually LOUD's strain but I can't seem to change it back (working on a new backend so still glitchy). It will return soon!

  • OK I got it to work and Sundae Driver is back. Just an FYI not big quantities on these new strains.

  • Glad to see it appeared on the order side after an interminable could have measured it in minutes!

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