Got my Tropicana diamonds

Order came in about a week. Came in 2 silicone containers packed(and I mean packed) full. Had a slightly citrusy and sour smell but very very light. Just as the photo looked most of the diamonds appear to have very little terpenes. Dabbed some and DAMN. Not a whole lot of flavor but I was soaring yall!!! I have had a lot of diamonds before that were always more saucy and terpy but I suppose this is a good value because you are getting more crystals. Probably also hard to ship if it was more saturated. It has a very light tropical taste if you keep the temp very low..I feel these need more terpenes added so I decided to order some and do a litttle experimenting when they get here. Ill report back with the results. Overall I am pleased with the order thanks for the freebie as usual!


  • This is my only complaint about the vape refill syringes. They could probably use a little more terps.

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