Whohoo! New strains!

Anybody throw down yet? I got a 1/4 of MAC (I love that stuff) and a quarter of Xj 13, another fav. I’m probably going to regret not going premium and getting Sundae driver but I’ve been going overboard lately so I tried to pull back some..


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    1/8th of Sundae Driver. That one escaped me last time MedMama had it. I've only had the Ohio dispensary version of this strain, which is to say I don't know what it tastes like...

  • @georgetirebiter if it’s anything like the last batch and I’m assuming it is, you’re in for a treat my friend.

  • Really wanted to go for the premiums but had to settle for a half ounce of MAC. I hear its really good, I wanted it last time but missed out

  • MAC is a good choice. I may get more of this. Getting very low on MAC. @maryjanelover11

  • Anyone know how Dosidos is? Thinking of ordering an eighth, still waiting on 1/2 of Lodi Dodi

  • Oh baby

  • Placed an order as a test. Hoping for the best bracing for the worst.

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    @maryjanelover11 You will not be disappointed. I had some last time both the premium and the regular and I’m still getting more so that should tell you something. Premium dos si dos calling my name as well. I’m trying to resist.

  • Yes you will be so amazed and surprised! I know I continue to be every time I receive a delivery. The deliveries have been reliable and timely! Really helps to plan for medical needs. Spent so long getting continually ripped off, I know can make you cynical; this is true and real and good in a world that seems to have less of those things every day.

  • @happygirl90 @Theboyua Awesome good to hear ! My payment just got accepted so I am interested to see how loud will do in terms of shipping time. I ordered a quarter of "the one" from medmama on the 3rd and ID has it as expected for tomorrow. great shipping time Im excited to try that strain as well. Its outdoor but Im hoping its still a good strain.

  • @maryjanelover11 I actually receive some of “the One” this week. Let me know what you think and then I’ll give you my reactions.

  • @Theboyua will do. Happy smoking :)

  • ill be also uploading pics and a review

  • @maryjanelover11 I would post pics for you but the lens broke off the back of my phone and my camera doesnt take pictures for shit now. I do have a new one (thank goodness) that should be here Monday. One thing I will say about the one, I was not impressed with the buds but the taste on the exhale is out of this world. I had it before and they definitely got the flavor right.

  • @georgetirebiter also ordered an 1/8th of Sundae Driver..will make a nice b-day present 😎

  • @Theboyua Is it crystaly at least ? how is the high? is it good for sleep ?

  • @Theboyua, I feel the same way you do, but about the Lavender Haze that came out at the same time. Fun to smoke but not at the top level for effects.

  • Has anyone tried greenhouse Fruity Pebbles?

  • @georgetirebiter Yeah man I’m in no way complaining, it just doesn’t seem to have that pop if you know what I mean? I really think ive turned into an indoor guy. Nothing against outdoor I just like those nice indoor perfect crystallized buds. I’m going to save this one for when the neighbors come over and never bring anything. Ha! But seriously that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

  • Did the premium strains already sell out that quick? Lol

  • I've been told we should have some new strains within a few days. :-)

  • And they're gone!

  • @Theboyua i got mine today. My 1st order and they threw in all kinda free eds! Didn’t think it would be that easy. Love it!

  • It's always fun being a member here though. I haven't even tried most of the staples here.

  • Thank you you’re awesome @medman

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    2 oz’s of the Mac. Was definitely debating the do si dos though. Can’t believe how quick the new strains sold out

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