Recommendations-Help finding the best bang for the buck, please.

After being a nomad for a several years, I just spent 2.5 years in a phys rehab/nursing home. Everything has changed since then. Vaping/dabbing. Concentrates/edibles/wax, shatter, and so on. All these diff strains.
Back in the 80's When I hung out on the corner and 'sence' first came out, at least in New England, I called it Christmas bud cuz it tasted like a pine tree. Loved it. Solid green, maybe red hairs, I forget.

Fast forward. I'm in this Nursing Home, and my brother visits from CO with some edibles and a pen with refills. Awesome. For three or four days I did not take my usual 30 mg oxy x 4 a day. I took maybe 2 in three or four days.
Now I'm out of there and want to drop my prescription, but it's seemingly impossible. Besides the pain, there is the addiction factor which is brutal!!

I ordered a firefly and a switch. They'll be here in a couple days.

I'm scouring for websites and very nervous. I stumble on a site that lists a ton of scam sites.
Every site I'd looked at was on the list.
I keep looking and see an article of why not to buy online.
Lucky for me, I read the comments and someone mentions here.
This site is not on the beware list, plus someone says it is good. Cool
The comment was a few years old, I asked if this site was still cool. but I couldn't get he person to reply.

So, partly out of desperation, and partly because of this chat board, and a few things I read on the site itself, I'm thinking it's the real deal.
Mostly it was the Arizona tears, informing us it's for a special purpose and don't order unless we need it so it's there for those who do.
That really struck me as a sincere site.

I finalized a small order on Sat .
As soon as it comes and I know for sure it's legit, I plan to stock up a bit.
I really wanna put myself out there for a good week until withdrawal is over, and then have plenty to occupy my brain for the next month.

I already have my tentative order filled out in gleeful anticipation.

I could really use some input though, so I do get the most out of my purchase.

I'm looking at the taffy, gummy bears and drops, along with some tincture as I have emphysema.
I definitely want some edibles for the long effect, if they are good.

For oil, I'm looking at the pineapple express.
I'm looking at this one because it's sativa dominant, and I want a change up from the indica concentrates I'm also looking at. It's also one of the few that says it can be dabbed.
It sounds like it will work in both the switch and firefly 2+.
Is this the case with all the oils in syringes, or just the ones mentioned?

I'm looking at the keef. Sounds like a decent deal if it's good. I once had keef from the bottom of a grinder. Aside from being hard to smoke in a joint or bpwl, it ws good.
Anyone tried that?
That looks something the fly and maybe flower setting on the switch could handle more efficiently than old school methods.

Then, I'm looking at the OG cush and strawnanna wax.

I'd like to get a variety of burnables, to see what I like the most, and partly to just play and have fun.
Aside from that few days in rehab (and that was soo cool. I could take a hit, and 2 seconds later,a cna would come in and not notice. I'm no longer concerned with smell.) Aside from that, I haven't smoked in ten years. I got some catching up to do.
The Og kush is Indica hybrid and the strawnanna appears to be a creeper. I've always enjoyed weed that creeps up on me. And I definitely want some good Indica for the first week. The more I sleep, or close to it, the better.

So, what I'm asking is, are these good choices or are there better ones for the money. All the purchases are with mama, and I'd kind of like to keep it that way, if possible, so everything comes together, for one thing.

Also, I could really use advice on how to dab.
I've always been a miser.
Trying to make my stash go as far as possible, so between that and my lungs, I don't want big rips.
I want to burn as little as possible with each toke/session.
Small hits that I can hold in as long as possible.
I'm guessing that temperatures may have something to do with this and maybe how I pack a bowl or atomizer. Low temp? High temp?

Some detailed advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Buddy Boy, I found this website by (roughly) the same means. Once you get past the cognitive dissonance of it, it's pretty cool. I can't help with the newfangled technology, though.

    P.S., I hope that guy on that website is ok, assuming it's the same guy who just loves cannabis and wants everyone to have it...the Johnny Appleseed of Weed...he doesn't call himself that but he is!

  • I would say your best bet at dabbing while getting all of its medicinal benefits is to use something like a PAX vaporizer, it’s easy to use, easy to clean, and leaves you with strong, flavorful pulls in each puff

  • My switch, it's being delivered today, has a self cleaning cycle. It works with weed and concentrates. Has 4 kinds of atomizers 'bowls' for different types and smoothness vs big rips. Lot's and lot's of heat settings/options for flower, shatter, oil. It's similar to a bong, but high tech.

    The firefly also works with flower and concentrate. It has some amazing features. Apparently it changes temp as you toke, so the different substances, cbd, thc, terpines don't get ruined.
    The only thing is the crazy high price tag, but with both of these items, from what i've read, they will soon pay for themselves in savings on weed/concentrate.

    I just looked at the pax. Pretty nice.
    I was looking at the kandypen flacko joyd model. It has a chamber for solids and also a refillable oil cartridge that can be screwed on. I thought that was pretty cool. I've got it on my wish/bucket list.
    I saw this one brand, similar to the pax type animal that has a special round rubber looking mouth piece that fit's into what would be the bowl of a small bong. So, from the small pocket size atomizer, ya get the vapor going through water. I thought that was quite ingenious, too. I wasn't overly impressed with the quality or options of the tool itself, but a nice feature, indeed.

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