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Never tried MAC how is it . Smell, high etc. it looks pretty coated with trachs. I always go with more of a sativa than the 50/50 starting to get low on product tho.


  • It's close to perfect herb, regardless of category. That said, it fits your category perfectly, too.

  • Thanks I always look for your reviews. And your advace I really appreciate it

  • Am sorta old school when it comes to products I like my deasel and other sativa's I need to expand my product and see what some others are all about

  • The MAC is awesome..last batch some of the best I’ve had on the site..almost ordered some alongside Sundae Driver, but I have enough left till next time..seems to be popular right now

  • Mac is amazing I still have some from last time it was on the site. It was fire

  • @georgetirebiter Curtains of said it better myself and is exactly why I got it. He’s got it all perfect

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