A shout-out to a user here and Cash App

Theboyua--Gotta give you a shout out, brutha.

We were all waiting on the new strains and that gave me some time to peruse old threads and read a bit. I saw some info on coinmomma, xcoins, and Cash app. You kept coming back and saying cash app while others pointed to coinmomma and xcoins... Well, I'm a long time user of coinbase and never, ever had an issue. It was easy and "just worked". This time, though... I had purchased bitcoin the week before new strains showed up and it's ALWAYS been 3 days for that to be available to send. I was good to go when the new strains arrived...

New strains pop, I order, go to pay, and it tells me that I have to wait until June 15. Bunk. So, I remembered the thread... And I registered for xcoins, after the considerable amount of positive feedback. Well, I'm still unable to buy bitcoin there, and I imagine there could be additional wait after purchasing to send. I hedged my bets and got the cash app... Overnight they approved me and I've got my email from MB that he's got my payment. How awesome! So, to Theboyua--thank you for being persistent with your cash app recommendation, as others pushed xcoins and coinmomma. (CM could be fantastic, did not try it)

As for the Cash App... I would totally recommend and likely will use it, going forward, after I deplete what's in Coinbase now on future orders.


  • You are welcome my friend. I like it because it makes it easy and it’s got low fees. Some people like different set ups. To each his own. Glad I could help.

  • @maryjanelover11 you receive the one yet?

  • I did, its some of the best outdoor ive had. Seriously good stuff. The smell is great too. Taste is not the best but that's understandable it being outdoor.

  • @maryjanelover11 I’m not that impressed with it. I’ve had this strain before and it was much better the other times I had it. I’m glad you like yours though. To each his own!!

  • @Mnpd I use Cash app to purchase BTC because it's the cheapest way I've found to buy it. When I buy flower from MM or LC, I send directly from Cash app (with no fees).

    Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency exchange I use to trade (KuCoin) charges a small fee when transferring or making withdrawals. It's also crazy expensive to buy BTC directly through KuCoin, so I even use Cash app to buy my investment BTC.

  • Seems like most people have different bitcoin habits than I do. I want to pay with a debit card and be done instantly. And I don't use my phone for any serious purpose, with the rare exception of talking on it. That seems to be a sticking point for CashApp. There are workarounds but from what I could tell researching it, it's something you can only do on a phone.

  • @georgetirebiter I think you have the right idea. I may start using cashapp I didnt know you can fund it with a debit card instantly. 1.75% doesnt sound so bad compared to .5% on coinbase pro and waiting almost a week for ACH transfer. Booorrringgg!!!

  • I rationalize the fees as a tax, like the tax I'd pay on dispensary weed. Otherwise I'd be pissed all the time and that's no way to live!

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