Lift grinders!

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I mentioned i use a lift grinder and someone asked me about it. They’re expensive and they don’t advertise? Anyway I figured id do a shout out because these grinders really are awesome and it seems no one knows or simply is afraid to spend.

So quick summary. They are the absolute best!! Ive had mine for over a year of heavy smoking.

Never needs cleaning ever ever ever! EVER!
It self cleans as it grinds. Best explanation i can give 🤷‍♀️

Superior cutting mechanism. Doesn’t actually grind.
Cuts like butter. Smoothe, effortless.
Precise grind consistency with 3 Coursness plate choices.
Extremely well built and easy to use, take apart, etc.
Quality tank like parts. (Made in canada)
If you somehow break something, they will replace it.
Honestly its perfect and i can never go back to a normal grinder.

Worth every penny!!! Highly recommend!!’


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