OG Kush vape from Loud

This didn't make me cough anywhere near as bad as the Strawberry Cough did. Very pleased.

Hits smooth with a nice indica dominant high. In fact, this is the smoothest vape experience I've ever had.

Tastes piney. A couple strong hits from the battery is all I need. I noticed too that this concentrate vaporizes slower.

Would definately recommend!!

Some vapes just make you cough real hard and some don't. Could be an issue with the chemicals that are added.


  • Sounds nice GS.
    How many small hits would you estimate it requires to take you to your destination?
    I like taking smaller hits, pulling in some air to dilute the 'smoke' for the same reason. Not only is coughing unpleasant, but it's a big waste to not hold a hit for a good 20 seconds.

    You say hits from the battery. Is this a vape pen type thing? A battery with a , I guess it's called a cartridge?

  • @BuddyBoy I'd be ok at 3 good strong hits.

    I'm thinking the cough dilemma is due to the manufacturer of the cart content. Flavorings, etc. Lol I don't want to smoke "flavor".

    Coughing up a lung just ruins the experience. Be weary with the vape carts. I'd personally only buy a cart that looks professional.

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