Concentrates vs. Flower-Consistency

I'm gleaning from many comments that the quality of flower strains can vary from crop to crop, and possibly other factors. I'm curious if the same goes with the concentrates or if they are more consistent.

My thinking is that if only the THC and a couple other ingredients go into a concentrate, it will always be similar. If a particular crop of plants is less potent, it will take more plants to make X amount of concentrate, but the end result will the same strength as a batch made with a crop of more potent plants. The difference would be that with more potent plants, it would take less of them to make the same X amount of concentrate.

Am I correct in this thinking?

I know many people prefer smoking flower, and perhaps vaping flower as well. I, personally, enjoy the act of smoking a joint the most as far as the enjoyment of smoking itself.

Everyone has their preference of how they get high.
But my question is purely about how high they get.

With concentrates, no matter where purchased I suppose, can one see a particular name and know they will get similar results as last time or even longer?
Is it kind of like having a burger anywhere in the country?
If you go to Wendy's, you know what it will taste like no matter which franchise you visit.
With a mom and pop burger place, it's like a box of chocolates, ya never know what you'll get.
So, are the various concentrates basically consistent as far as potency goes?
Do any of yous guys have experience with buying the same concentrate strain?
Are they consistent or hit/miss like flower?
Any honest, educated opinion is a good one.
Thanks for your input.


  • I hate wendys 😄

  • Brand name concentrates can be very consistant. Especially if lab tested.

    Small batch concentrates can vary tremendously... lots of variables... time, temperature, bud vs. trim, etc.

    Let's not even bring up turpenes... it's like discussing flavonoids... just a deep dark hole.

    You should never expect anything consistant with mmj.... even when its the same strain, same farmer... spring crops are vastly different than fall crops... where was the plants east/west placement, what nutrients was it given and when, etc...

    When you find something you like, stock up... buy a variety and switch it up... not so easy these days but its good to have a dream.

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    I tend to think of cannabis similar as snowflakes..there all slightly unique..I’ve had about 8 diff batches of Super Lemon Haze over the years..some more recently off least 5 of my own grows..Not a 1 of them exactly the same..some strains more stable than others..lots of factors like @daCabbie mentioned..I also agree that concentrates that are lab tested should be consistent for the most part..a lot of places are probably using clones..

  • mmj???
    So, @daCabbie. My thinking about how concentrate is incorrect? I feared that.

    I was thinking that if concentrate is close to pure THC, then a gram of it would be similar, whether it came from an OZ of great weed, or an LB of cheap weed.

    I really don't care about flavor. Nice flavor is a bonus, but let's be real. If it got us nice and high, we'd all smoke it if it tasted like the sweat off a dead hyena's ass.

    Another question. How's your math and reasoning?

    salt water taffie is 1000 mmg or 1 gram of THC for $90.00
    Gummies are 1 gram for $75.00

    Bubba kush distillate is 88% THC at 2 grams for $100.00
    So, that's 1.76 grams of THC for $100.00
    Is this correct? And, what would one gram of THC be?
    It's been a long time since I knew the formula to figure this out.

    Or, how much is 1.76 of THC at $75.00 a gram?

    I'm thinking the prices are close for gummies. Not a bad deal if it's made from something good. There is time and packaging involved.

  • @superman38NC
    You seem like the perfect person to ask, since you've personally made batches.
    I can certainly understand them not being exactly the same. I don't think I've ever made a lasagna that's been exactly the same as the others.

    But, if you made the batches from the same kind of weed, like girl scout cookies, for example. I use that one for this discussion because I see there is a weed called GSC.
    Would you say that your 5 batches, although not exactly the same were similar?

    I understand the flower batches can be great of disappointing. Especially out door. If it gets alot of rain for instance just before harvest, a good amount of THC gets washed off. The amount of phosphorus, especially in the late stages will affect bud quality, but, I would think as a concentrate, the level of getting stoned would be similar. A gram of THC is a gram of THC, right? Just like a glass of H20 is always H20?

    To get a good price here, one has to buy 8 grams of concentrate, and that's a big investment to find out something sucks. I've seen that often here concerning flower.

    Buying a little, trying it, liking it and then buying more sounds difficult here. By the time something arrives and I can try it, then wait for my bit coin to clear and reorder, and have it sent out, it sounds like something good will be gone by then.

    So, while each batch of concentrate will have it's differences, in your opinion, do you think they are similar enough in THC quality where the average person will not be disappointed? Keep in mind I'm not so much interested in flavor. If I were, personally, these fruity etc flavors are a negative. I like the taste of weed. Pine tree tasting weed, skunk tasting weed. Ever smoke old school weed with seeds? Colombian gold was awesome. I prefer the buzz to sens any day. It hit hard and clean. JMO
    I really appreciate yous guys taking the time to read and answer. Except the guy who doesn't like Wendy. What Wendy ever do to you? She keeps you cool on a hot day. She's cool, man.

  • The words you seek: perfect substitutes.

  • lol I didnt mean anything by it. I did read your posts though and I agree diamonds and concentrates in the same category should be about the same high but there is also what I think is called the "entourage effect" with the terpenes of different strains or that are added back in and these apparently can have a big effect on the high feeling.

  • @nefgreen
    Chat boards wouldn't be fun without some goofin round.
    Terpines also affect the buzz? I did not know that.
    I just bought a firefly 2+ and they say it increases temp as ya pull on it so that the different substances vaporize that their optimal temp.
    The instructions say to take a 10 second or longer toke.
    After you saying this, I'm extra psyched to use it, cuz they mentioned terpenes.
    I previously thought they were just about flavor.
    I'm also looking forward to the same result on the cbd for pain.
    If this devise delivers like all the reviews say it does, I'm in for a totally new experience in 'flight'. :smiley:

  • As mentioned before terpenes can have an entourage effect and can enhance the way different strains affect you.

    Terpenes are found mostly in plants but have been found in some animals and insects. They can enhance odors and flavors when added to different products and also have different effects when used in combination with other terpenes or terpene profiles.

  • @BuddyBoy yes I believe there is a lot of research to be done still but they believe terpenes give cannabis and thc the different types of high feelings such as pinene giving a mentally focused high or linalool having a calming effect. I think the terpene profiles give you the indica and sativa effects essentially.
    Sounds like a nice unit and easy to use...some of yall have some fancy e rigs on here I must admit Im a little jealous.

  • @nefgreen
    I've been in a phys rehab/nursing home after a bad accident for almost three years. And I couldn't afford to smoke prior for another three years. Everything is so different. Concentrates, vape machines, and so on.
    I never dreamed I would drop the coin I did on what comes down to a pipe, or bong.
    Since I have emphysema from building submarines in the day, I can't really smoke flower

    So, I did my research on this new world of smokeables and smokem froms.
    I came to the conclusion that the proper rig will end up saving me money. I'm a weed miser, always trying to make it go further. So, when I did my research on the firefly, I realized I could use the temp settings (and the fact that everything is enclosed, so no vape escapes) to 'burn' it as slow as possible. Add the fact that going so long without, I decided I deserved the treat and 'burned' my stimulus on the Fly, a Switch, and something to put in them. Plus, I gotta get off these pain pills. Pure poison. They take something like opium and make it 10 times more addictive and bad for the organs.

  • @Jdtokes
    Animals too. Huh.
    Come to McDonald's and try the all new McTerpene
    At participating locations for a limited time. Prices may vary.

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    @BuddyBoy lmao! Yeah I thought it was strange too, but apparently terpenes are part of their defense mechanism to ward of predators. I would imagine it would be similar to a skunk spraying a would be predator.

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