Space Queen w/pics

Finally received my Space Queen order from 5/24. Have no ID at my house, so I had no clue what was going on, so I reached out on Monday. I thought for sure my order was messed up and I would receive a sub with the fix when all was said and done

Well my Space Queen showed up today, no sub! After looking at the tracking once it showed, it looks like the label was made on 5/24, but wasn't accepted until 6/10. I think my package was just overlooked on shipping day until they were contacted.

On to the bud...I must say large, orange haired and beautiful. Very unique smell and taste. I'm not good at describing these things, so I'd say Apple was the first scent that hit me when I opened the bag with a bit a floral.

Mainly cerebral high. Calming and has helped incredibly with my anxiety today. I've seen a lot of reviews say they were ready to tackle the world. While it did give me some energy, I am pretty high, so I'm not going to tackle rearranging my living room at the moment, but I do feel like going outside and getting some things done, so that's a plus lol


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  • @MizterNiceGuy Idk if it just glitched on my end or it's just not working but either way, I appreciate the effort because I couldn't remember how I seen you say to post the pics directly with the post lol.

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