CBD and Muscle Spasms

I've been having severe dystonia, muscle "cramps" at night, in which the muscle firing locks the muscles in place. It's a nightmare. Makes REM sleep nearly impossible because I can only sleep 2-3 hours before I wake with a start--and my left foot is locked in place. It resolves upon waking, though I get flashes throughout the day that don't affect daily activities.

Why do I mention this?

Because THC does NOT help with this. Makes it worse, in fact.

CBD bud does help, though. I can still only sleep 2-3 hours at a time, but it's a restful sleep.

Just thought I should document this somewhere. My girlfriend is tired of hearing about it...


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    I should confess I'm a science writer. So here's a public service message: If what you're trying isn't working...it might be because of scale, proportion, and quantity.

    Think, "The dose makes the poison."

    THC, as used by the medicines on this site, seems to have at least two different effects. At the level of Phoenix Tears/RSO, the dosage is an order of magnitude higher than smoking or regular edible consumption. The effect is inflammatory--the opposite of smoking. I don't use these medicines for fun. Instead, I put them up my ass.* Near my prostate. In coconut oil suppositories. I'm precancer with prostate issues. The levels of PSA, the cancer marker, have decreased in the year I've been doing this. This is one of the few documented facts I have. There's no cause and effect demonstrated--I haven't had sex in a year, either...maybe that caused it, right...common science error is confusing correlation with causation. Given that Rick Simpson (and others I imagine) wrote books on this subject, though, it is compelling.

    Then there's CBD (and other, non-stony varieties). This, too, is completely different medicine.

    I'll leave it at that for today.

    I ordered Lavender from @MedMama not because it gets me the highest but because I love it. And that's another kind of medicine for you, right?

    *Technically, for most of that time, I actually applied the RSO (sometimes homemade, often from this site) on my perineum. I just liked that line...

  • PS the recipe for coconut oil suppositories is to mix--slowly--Phoenix Tears/RSO into coconut oil then place into novelty rocket ship silicone molds. Refrigerate.

  • @georgetirebiter That sucks! When I get a cramp at night it wakes me up straight out of a dead sleep.

    What all treatments have you tried for it? Is it specific to one part of the body or multiple areas?

  • Yes. Out of a dead sleep. Every night now. Every 2-3 hours. What do I do? Smoke CBD bud with CBD kief and go back to bed. At least that's the new routine.

  • What? No mention of your bowel movements or your masturbation habits .I guess there are
    things that shouldn't be said on the forum remember there are people on here who are very sensitive .

  • @Fatliltabby lmao.

    @georgetirebiter I read that they sometimes use botox in problem areas, could that be an option? That sucks you're having this issue though!

  • @jdtokes, yes botox and thiamine supplements too...intramuscular injection.

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