I guess you cant really choose what your freebie is i tried requesting a certain thing and they all keep giving me the opposite lol


  • For me requesting certain freebies has only worked with Loud&Co

  • What did you request?

  • Every time I’ve ordered from med mama and requested a freebie I’ve never got it but I get one every time from Loud🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Happens to me all the time too. I rarely ever get what I requested but Oh well its probably because they ran out of what we requested.

  • Received Lodi Dodi freebies from Loud. Again. It's cool. I never have to order Lodi Dodi because I keep getting the freebie. Thanks Loud & Co.

  • I like to spice things up; I write "any freebies OK" in the comments. :smiley:

  • Last time I requested a cookie from loud they gave me a joint and it was good. But correct.

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