Ordering from Hawaii

New to the forums. Wanted to know if anyone has ordered from Hawaii. Planning on making my first order and wanted to know how long it would take do arrive to Hawaii so I can plan ahead. During COVID it seems like all packages are delayed but trying to be patient for Gelato to restock. Really looking forward to my first order


  • Products ship from the West Coast...so that's a plus for you.....

  • It's a gamble, like anything, but not unreasonable. I'd order from both shippers. (I'd do that anyway!) Could be that the flights to Hawaii are super chill and happening as normal--faster even! Or that journey is on some hellscape boat captained by a suicidal drunk, who's unusually affected by recent social tumult.

    Sorry @Pdelaney ... just killing time until someone from HI jumps in. Aloha!

  • Mahalo. I'd do what George said and do an order and check off from both shippers. I'd also spend like half now and wait till loud restocks. For 5 dollars more plus any transaction fees you can get a bunch of great stuff here.

  • @Good2Go @georgetirebiter @MikeyC
    Thanks for the advice! Also wanted to know how often Gelato (indoor and greenhouse) is on the website. Was about to order some but sold out before I had the chance to pull the trigger. Is it worth just ordering something else for now or wait. Will I have to wait a while before it’s back ?

  • @Pdelaney I got some of the last Gelato 33 and it is so smooth and I hope it comes back. Id recommend The Dirty Girl.It is very "loud" BTW. DG is so relaxing and yet allows you to be awake and sociable with friends. I have some Rainbow Cake coming and it looks like its gonna be more of a energetic uppy type but we will see how that one is.

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