MAC is an awesome strain!! Review (with pics)

This really is a top shelf strain, one of those strains you don't forget. The nugs are loaded with pretty orange hairs and are coated in trichomes. They are dense nugs, but do have some give to them if squeezed hard (8/10 density). The nugs are a bit leafy. The smell is fantastic. It smells like a hint of sweet oranges, a very sweet candy like smell. Delicious. When smoked the taste is easy to detect. It tastes like it smells which is always a good sign. Weather I hit it in a bong or roll it up in a joint the ash always comes out very white. Which means it has been flushed well, which is important. The high hits hard. It will get you stoned and eventually have you pass out, but similar to the master kush that was once on here, it takes its time. Working out while baked on this strain is possible. MAC is one of those strains that if I see on the menu again I won't hesitate to pick some up. I will say though that the pictures of the nugs are a little deceiving. Out of the 1/2 ounce that I grabbed, 5 grams of it was smalls (very small/small nugs). I've been smoking out of it and I always start with the smalls first. The small nugs got me fried too. However that's why they are not in the picture as they have already been smoked by the time this picture was taken. If/when this strain is back on the menu I highly recommend it! Definitely one of louds best !



  • Loud should have this as a staple. Great review. Mouth watering photos!

  • @maryjanelover11 I think it might be my new favorite strain. I so regret not grabbing a lot more.

  • How does the MAC compare to the Alien orange cookies to those who have had both?

  • Mine looks a little different. But I agree it is top shelf.

  • @nefgreen MAC & AOC are similar in effects. Flavors are different.

  • @MizterNiceGuy Thanks bro, and I agree. Id order some everytime. I just hit a small bowl out of my bong (first hit of the day) and Im so goddamn fried man I m absolutely high af off one small bowl. Im a heavy smoker, there is no way average weed would get me this high off a small bowl. This stuff is potent af. Im so high. High af i feel it in my mind soul and body. highhhhhh in the skyyyy baby omg this is a killer strain. Loud always has these murderous strains that leave me obliterated. I love it.

  • I love weed like this so much. All my worries dissipate as the smoke does after i exhale. I love days off because in this moment In time I don't care about a single thing. The world could explode, im chilling. I love this feeling. fuck it all

  • @OneLove same now that its off the menu I realized I should have ordered more. next batch !

  • Fruit Loops & M.A.C. have been Louds best hybrid highs ever. @maryjanelover11

  • Wow, great shots! I had a freebie of MAC once and it was delightful!

  • I will be buying hard and heavy next time.

  • @MizterNiceGuy Ill have to give fruit loops a try next time for sure. My all time favourite strain from here so far is louds sour pink grapefruit. The smell alone is enough to melt my brain. I reminisce it often.

  • @JCizzle thanks bro indeed its some top notch fire

  • @georgetirebiter Im thinking it may be my first ounce in one order from here. That or sour pink grapefruit if it comes back

  • Yea that batch is fuckin excellent. Really good shit. My 2oz came all stuck together in one piece. However the strain is definitely not MAC I believe it’s alien orange cookies. Strong orange smell and looks nothing like MAC. Either way I could honestly care less about the names as long as the potency is there and trust me when I say it is! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • @Medmike25 Yeah I think you are right. The bag says MAC but based on other reviews I can tell we don't have the same stuff as them. I do think this is Alien orange cookies indeed because it smells a lot like oranges and that's not the way people described MAC to be. It still gets me fried but it would definitely be nice to actually get what I ordered.

  • @nefgreen Apparently this is AOC... not MAC... Not sure if it was a mix up or done on purpose but it does get me fried so I don't really mind. Its kush. They should just tell me it was substituted

  • @maryjanelover11 you've got MAC, I can't tell from your photos. Not AOC. I've got both. There not the same physically.

  • @MizterNiceGuy Oh so it is MAC for sure ? Okay awesome. I only said that because based off what others said and the review I was sure they sent me AOC accidentally because the smell and taste of oranges is definitely present. Good to know it is actually MAC. Can someone take some pics of AOC ? Im curious to see how they look compared to each other.

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    I'll get a photo of AOC soon. It's wrapped in loose orange hairs, not so much the case with Mac. Your pics of MAC don't have the crazy orange hairs. Also MAC is a darker green bud @maryjanelover11

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    COURTESY OF @nefgreen Alien Orange Cookies. (I'll have my own posted soon)

  • Is that AOC or MAC ?

  • That would be AOC. The smell is great and its very potent.

  • @nefgreen yeah it doesn't look like the MAC. If they ever have AOC again ill get some

  • Some great forensic bud work being done here!

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