Discount Shatter

Had anyone had the discount shatter?


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    The discount shatter is indeed, tits. Awesome fresh flavor and great high as described. Just slightly unstable. Ordered a 2g sample and after giving it a test I put in an order for 8g. You will not be disappointed. I actually prefer it over some of the higher priced shatter I have tried from here. Can definitely taste the freshness. This was made from high quality trim.

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    I thought I was done with shatter, but MedMama subbed my diamond .5g add on request with SFK and Chem OG shatter..both are delicious and 🧨 !! So with my order of Sundae Driver I requested an addon of Fire OG..can’t wait! I will say the discount Chemscout is probably the same I bought a few months back as’s 🔥 as well..not as potent as what I mentioned above..but very mellow and chill..I still have probably 1.5gs left of it..thought about making gummies with it.

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    Haven’t tried the discount yet I ordered 8g of the premium gsc and the sfv og wax I hope it is good I will have to try some of the discount to see the difference

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    @Slapjack curious to know how the GSC wax is..MedMama had some premium GSC flower a while back..grabbed up some of that and it’s awesome..had some a little earlier

  • I ordered some of the Zkittlez premium wax and Pink Lotus shatter from MM. First time buying concentrates from them and first time buying them period in a lonnnnng time. Thought about grabbing some of the discount myself.

  • I got 16g of the discount cotton candy kush shatter and it’s all excellent. Fantastic taste, good high

  • Just ordered the GSC wax @superman38NC will let you know how it is

  • All of these sound so good!

  • @superman38NC I will let you know how it is it’s supposed to be here today but it might not be until tomorrow the mail already ran this morning

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    I ordered 4g of premium gsc 4g of premium sfv og and 2g of premium zkittles and 2g of diamonds train wreck hopefully their all good will let y’all know how they are when they get here

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    @superman38NC the gsc is awesome and the sfv is to I got the 2gs train wreck today but the 2gs of zkittles was empty😕 hopefully they will fix it first time in a lot of orders this has happened

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    @superman38NC the gsc was real intense like couch lock for about thirty min then I was real talkative

  • What’s up everyone I notice you guys talking about shatter so I thought I could maybe ask some advice about Fire OG, Motor Breath OG NorthernLights or Pink Lotus. Any response would be very helpful

  • Waiting on some pink lotus now that I ordered last week, so hopefully I can give you an answer on that one soon.

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