Cash App, Add Cash Issue

Curious if anyone else on here has had an issue transferring money from there bank account to cash app. Every time I hit the amount I would like to add it tells me this transferred failed. If anyone has had this issue could really use some help.


  • Yea I had that a few times this past week. Think its a CA server issue cause my banks and brokerages said they would have no issues with declining CA transfers/deposits so its gotta be an issue with a CA bug itself.

  • If you are trying to transfer from chime to cash app you no longer have to use the "add cash" option. Attempt to purchase the bit coin using ur confirmation pin. Works for me

  • Did you ever figure out the issue ? My cashapp is doing this right now . It will let me send to ppl but can not add money so I can add to bitcoin for my purchase

  • Check the fraud prevention with your bank. It did this to me last week when I was trying to make my first order.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 you know what....this may be it ! I’ll call in the morning ! I recently had fraud on my husband account so we got new cards maybe it’s the fraud protection ! Thanks hope it works! I absolutely love sending cashapp just purchased 2 new orders today 😫 I’m like insane, but hey I’m sure it’s worth it compared to the 💩 in my city

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