Syringe mix and match/shipping speed

I successfully ordered two different distillates in one order from MM after specifying in notes. I know had been an issue before. Might I add, I ordered the afternoon of the 17th and it was here (East Coast) today even with the weekend having just passed. Thankfully, because I'm down to like a half a gram of bud and can become notoriously bitchy when I'm not on my meds 🤣

Now the decision of whether to start with Goji or Grape ape as I only have one refillable cart on hand 🙄


  • A couple of us weren't so fortunate to get mixed syringes even after specifying that they were for a sampler pack, so congrats!

    Grape ape is good!

  • @Jdtokes I seen that and ordered after reading that thread on here, so I was wondering how it was going to play out lol. I'll most likely order more than usual if they continue to honor mixing and matching.

  • I hope it gets cheaper when you buy larger quantities. I use alot of oil so that would be a blessing. Like the way it is with the flowers and other stuff that get cheaper when buying larger quantities.

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