Lodi Dodi Funky?

Does anyone else smell or taste a little funk to this batch of Lodi? I'm getting a basement type taste when I first light it. It burns through though, and then I get the awesome Lodi flavor. Its just at first / second hit. I can smell it when I open the bag, but when I break a bud in half, the inside smells like perfection. This is my 2nd order of Lodi and the first was better - it didnt have the funk. Its not bad that I cant get over it, but I don't know if Ill get the Lodi again now.


  • It’s just different batches, that’s how it works here. I agree the first few batches were better, but the recent ones were nothing to complain about, in my experience. You likely got the lesser part of the bag, seeing as I’m pretty sure Loud ran out.

  • I’ve got some Lodi Dodi, never had it before now do not really anything to compare it to, I noticed that mine seemed to smell a little weak, but I never really cared how my buds smelled, they’re definitely still potent!

  • It was great to look at and the buds were pretty. Bag has the funky basement smell too. And it just has weird taste like basement. It is really distinct. It's not bad, just different. Once you get past that first hit, it seems to taste sweeter.

  • Maybe mine does too and I don’t notice cause I smoke it in my basement, LOL

  • I have some Lodi Dodi and I think it smacks me around too hard for me to have time to notice the smell. :lol:

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