Out of stock?

If one were to order a premium strain and the shipper ran out and had no more premium strains, how would they sub for your order? For example I want to get some premium chemdawg from loud but that’s the only premium they have on their menu and I’m worried that they’ll run out after I order seeing how their strains have barely been up for 24 hours lately


  • Saw something Medman mentioned more strains, not necessarily premium, towards the end of the week. Maybe order “no subs”.. I have always tried to order as soon as something hits..95% success..

  • @medmike25 We do have an inventory system but because we're dealing in grams it's not 100%, but close and things get taken off automatically once the number hits zero. If it's one the board you probably have a 95%+ chance of getting it. On the forum it sounds like we sub a lot more than we actually do due to the nature of forums. :-). But if it did happen they would likely write and give you some options.

  • Great question!

  • Ordered premium sundae driver ,only premium on there, didn't put no sub, well see. Last time ordered premium wedding cake ,was subbed premium vanilla frosting,even though wedding cake was still on menu when Package arrived. Go figure.vanilla frosting was awesome!

  • It's gone already. That was quick.

  • @OneLove yup glad I didn’t order because now I’d be stressing like hell lol

  • @OneLove but damn I would have loved to have tried some of that

  • @Medmike25 I just noticed that it was MM's response to your post I was referencing about the "no subs" haha. And I grabbed some of the Chemdawg this morning, but I always feel the same way when I miss out or I'm on the fence about grabbing a strain and then it dissappears. More always pop up though. Hence why I have a buying problem 🤣

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