Med Mama Madness - Some thoughts

Here and there, I have read a few threads about some people not being overly sold on the Refillable carts for various reasons. One of the reasons often given goes something like this. I felt the high but just not as intense as regular bud. Well I also have run into a "vape cart" or two that are 15 cents short on $1 buzz. Close but no cigar.
Here is an interesting twist that I have been doing with mostly good success and one complete failure in my eyes. I have been adding 20-30% in volume of another vaping strain to the vape cart that is15 cents short....and holy moolly! I have been getting some amazing major changes in the buzz quality and effects. The 15 cent short cart is now $2 worth on $1 buzz. Not all turn out that good, but better nonetheless.
Be somewhat careful, I mixed a one that turned into Auto shutdown to a deep sleep within 20 minutes of two hits, 20# eye lid type tired w no recovery possible. Never had anything like it and hopefully never will create that monster again. Didn't write down the mixture but "purple punch" was a portion of it, the other portion was "something" with what thought was more sativa, but the results were a disaster, unless you like sleeping in within 20-30 minutes of tokin.

I'm just curious if any body else doing any mixing?


  • Just ordered 4 different refills, imma let you know what my findings are. I just got the Mendo Breath cart and that is straight fire to the dome. After one puff I’m like good for a couple of hours. Really strong stuff. I definitely got what I asked for.

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