2100 mix match gummies

anyone tried these? I'm thinking of getting them in 75mg form kind of scared they'll toast me though anyone have pics of how small they are?


  • I got gummy worms, but mine are 150 mg. Normal gummy worm size. I did order gummy bears a couple weeks ago, but they were all melted. I think you’ll get one big glob.... but I took 150 mg and it didn’t phase me really....

  • 150 did nothing for you?? D:

  • Yeah, I can eat THC all day and not feel a thing. Literally. I do it everyday. Lmao.

  • The gummies I've gotten from the site are ok but very hit or miss. I had 3 50mg and a couple 25s from both shippers that I got as freebies. All 5 combined hardly phased me. The tins are a little different, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

    I'm not knocking them at all or saying they're weak. They just don't affect me very much.

  • For me the gumdrops are now the standard when originally I liked the medicated starbursts.

  • @MikeyC I've only had the gumdrops as a freebie once. It was great.

    I prefer my own recipe nowadays though. This way I ensure that they have the intended effects and if they don't, I only have myself to blame haha 😄

  • I've had all of the edibles they give as freebies and the cookie I got from Loud and finally ate last night was probably the most potent out of all of the other edibles I've tried.

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