Delivery Date Unknown

well day six no movement looks like ill be chugging beers for the fourth


  • I sure hope it just shows up on ID the day before delivery. Mines has been like this a lot lately...hoping for the best for ya

  • @b4ldhe4d101 Sorry to hear that man. You never know it could still come For your sake I hope it does.

  • Me too the day will come again when I can brag to my friends about having the most sticky stuff I have ever laid eyes on loud and mm might take a little time but I most definitely give props for A1 quality on the premium cuts Ps. I ran across some cereal milk while it hit like a train it still ain't got shit on some MAC i got from loud awhile back I heard my ancestors humming when I saw it actually stuck to the bag it was in tear tear 😢

  • @b4ldhe4d101 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I felt the same with the Mac I had a few weeks ago.

  • Just got my label created for my MAC! @b4ldhe4d101 I could read your comment over and over and it won’t get old...that MAC is sick man 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • How do I know when my label is created ? I’m a virgin to this 😂😂😂

  • @suchacutie89 you gotta have informed delivery from the’ll tell you about all your packages and mail pieces too

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    @Loudpack1022 Ok I have that I just checked and I see 3 pieces of mail but only 2 scanned. I’ll definitely keep checking ! I’m so excited for my Loud ! This stuff in NC is horrible right now (I’m from San Diego )

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    Cali native! Stuck on East coast. @suchacutie89
    Medman is my only source for meds. Consistency comparable to SoCal's best dispensaries @Five12Man

  • @suchacutie89 it will be under Packages not Mail Pieces

  • Well I got informed that loud won’t reship a half O or $85 worth of trim because I guess I left my apt # out. Med Mama is going to reship the gelato 33 I been waiting on for a month. I was hoping this week but looking like a no. I ordered a Q of MAC Saturday from loud and that will prob be my last order from them. U put ur address on 1 order form and I never have left my apt # out of any order from anywhere but shit happens and I could have but I think it’s very bad business for them not to reship, especially when it was my first ever order from them. I’ve heard always delivers but not in my case. Oh well lol! Just really hope I can get 1 of the orders tomorrow

  • @Looper1 Ok, Thanks 😊 I just checked and it says 0 as of now.

  • @WDEgkj damn man sorry to hear that. Your in a tough spot Because of what’s in the package...sorry to hear bro. @suchacutie89 Loud co has been spoiling the shyt out of me...This is some of the best bud I’ve ever had

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