Premium Sunset shebert... what was I supposed to do??

I’m gonna be working a lot these next 15 days or so. Sadly there was others I wanted but I just had to say no.


  • Again. I'm going to miss Sunset Sherbet. I have to be content with Fruit Loops. Got 59g

  • edited July 2020

    I wonder if I should pull the trigger on this or some Dirty Girl

  • @liarliar03 Kind of depends on what you’re looking for. The Dirty girl I have, it leans sativa. And from reading the description of the Sunset Sherbet, which should be here Wednesday by the way, they say it leans Indica.

  • Instead of sherbet I pulled trig on the Premium mammoth skunk 🦨! Got a 1/4 bc I literally ordered 2 days before the list was updated 😫. Probably order again in a few weeks have 3 packages coming so far 😂

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