Pink Champagne

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Hey everyone!

I'm new here as I'm sure you all know by not recognizing my name. I was wondering if any of you have tried this strain, have any reviews, and pics to share? I pulled the trigger on this one yesterday after my verification with cash app finally went through.

I'm glad to chat with/meet all of you.

Peace =)


  • Welcome! I haven't tried pink Champaign yet, but have some on the way.

  • Hi,
    I’m new too and seriously this discussion board is what helps me have trust in this site ! I just placed my first order Monday and got my confirmation Tuesday ! So now I wait excitedly ☺️☺️☺️ Can’t wait to see updates for the Champagne

  • It took me a while to learn the whole BTC thing, but CA really made it super simple! I seriously wish I would have used it ages ago, so I could have been getting my herb from MM, & Loud, instead of getting mids, but I'm glad I'm in business now! 😉

  • Just posted a review

  • Hi @MigraineWarrior79 welcome!! Looks like you’re a fellow headache suffer. Nice ta meet ya!

  • @Delaware420 Thank you, and nice to meet you as well! Unfortunately, I am a fellow migraine/headache suffer for about 25 yrs now. Yuck.

  • Can't wait for that Pink Champagne & Ghost Ship!!!!

  • I received my pink champagne today.
    At first I was a little disappointed because the buds were small what I call "popcorn buds", but after trying it, I'm definitely digging it.

    I'm buzzed like i was back in high school. I'm reminded of those old days of sneaking out only to hang out with my buddies down this abandoned railroad track with that good weed, and sipping on Boone's farm!! Haha!!

    Then someone shows up with the boombox, and the toadies playing. "Doo you wanna dieeeee"

    I'm definitely picking up some more while I can!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ 🐾🐾🐾🐾

    Glad to hear yours arrived, Waiting for that and the Ship to arrive! In the meantime, Chocolope (AMAZING Sativa!) And Blueberry Headband it is!!! 😸

  • @G1zm0 I have heard nothing but good things about both of those, so 1st chance I get to scoop them up I will!
    In the meantime, I need to get more storage jars, and 62% packs. 🙀😊💨💨💚🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  • Pink Champagne and Ghost Ship arrived yesterday!

  • I ended up gifting my Pink Champagne to my father to tide him over until his blue dream trim comes in. I shared a j with him of PC this sunday, and he really liked it
    How's the ship?

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    Ghost Ship is just simply....FUCKING AMAZING!!!! (And TASTY!) 😸 🔥 💨 The Pink Champagne is good, Just nothing special to me. I wish I could gift a few people a few grams. If I could share my Ghost Ship with you, I would. 😺 🐾 I almost killed my brother with just one bowl! 🙀

  • @G1zm0 I hope the ghost ship drops again one day, and I'll definitely scoop it up, haha!! You're too kind, and I'd definitely gift you some of the premium do-is-do I have coming in from media!
    I love those one bowl killers, haha 💨💚🐾

  • Idk about the pink champagne, it didn't feel very calming for an indica dominant strain, I have panic attacks so I try to choose carefully. It didn't give me anxiety but it just felt like I was smoking reg, I gifted it and thankfully only bought an 1/8, I usually buy at least a 1/4.

  • @winniecooper the couple of times I smoked it with my Dad since I've gifted it to him, it's triggered a headache, so I definitely won't be getting it again.

    I'm glad Pop likes it, so it isn't just 'collecting dust' so-to-speak.

    I had gotten a quarter of it, lol. I did like the exhale on it though. Pretty sweet to my taste buds, but I agree that I had better indicas, though it was a nice stoney feeling except for the headache it left me with.

  • @winniecooper that's exactly how it felt to me. I ordered it to help with sleep and to knock me out at night and it doesn't really make me tired. I like it and enjoy smoking it, but it's just not the end of night, knock me out strain that I was looking for.

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