Loud is killing me...

So many freaking awesome strains. Sativas anyway :)I’m going to go broke or get divorced, either way I am in trouble.


  • Me too!!! I just ordered 4 1/4s and then they update and I want the jack herrer and the XJ.... but I can’t do it again....while waiting on two packages for a total of 6 different ones...🤷‍♀️🤣

  • Ghost Ship & Jack Herer ozs. Couldn't help myself.
    I feel you @Theboyua . Same trouble.

  • Man y’all smoke too much lol! I rarely get high til night time. I did today cuz I had to try what I got today and I’m really stoned. I’ve had like 1/4 of mids and some hash and a little vape left. I was totally out of bud til today. I really can’t blv I got it that fast. I see what y’all saying bout going broke cuz I do wanna try it all lol. I’ll make this Q last me a week. I already know like 5 of u on here do try almost all of it lol! It’s hard to lay-off of tho damn damn

  • I have MAC, dolato, sunset sherbert, mammoth skunk, ghost ship, and some chemdawg coming!

  • And I recommend black cherry soda too!

  • Hahaha- you're living the dream @PettKatt ! Please let me know which are your faves!

  • @PettKatt excellent choices

  • Debating on another order.....jack herrer or galactic jack and the XJ.....but I have 16 different strains right now before the 6 new ones.....

    So far my faves are Death Star, capstone, black cherry soda.... I’ve still missed some good ones, but I’ve only been ordering since the end of May. 😬🤣🤷‍♀️ I’ve spent a lot! But I’ve been struggling this year so finding this service was a real blessing! I did stock up on edibles too.

  • More good strains. I’m n trouble

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