Mama's Discount Smalls

Ordered a quarter last month the 29th and was wondering for those who ordered Mama's Discount Smalls which strain did you recieve? I hope I get Sour Diesel I can't remember which other strains were listed in its description before they changed it then took it down. Would love to hear some feedback! TIA.


  • I got a quarter of the orange soda and that was what I requested. The nugs were really dense and had a orange smell and most were not that small really. Had a pretty good orange /tangerine kinda taste.

  • I got bubba kush not minis at all tho but I think they kinda ran out...I couldn’t request anything tho it was shippers choice and I don’t even care for bubba. i get better bubba kush in the streets. I gave it away. 🙄🙄

  • @Loudpack1022 The reason why I don't use MedMama hardly anymore is because since day 1 ordering from Loud I always got my freebie. I found that the few times I have ordered from her I always got subs for my orders although I placed my orders as soon as whatever strain I wanted came onto the menu. Never gotten a freebie not one from her. Not saying she isn't reliable but I like as I'm sure we all do getting what I paid for. I ordered Bubba Kush from her and received something called, "Grasshopper". The bud was shit, it was horrible but I didn't complain on here or to MM I took it as is. I went out on a limb ordering from her this time so hopefully I get something!!! I appreciate the feedback nonetheless.

  • @nefgreen Yea man I caught a glimpse of the description when she had a list of strains you could choose from but before I could place my order that said list was removed. I don't think I've had any of the strains that were listed so be that as it may anything she sends should definitely be a surprise to me I just hope it isn't the CBD quality looking bud she sent me for a sub like last time. Thank you for your feedback!

  • @Brandon2k20 no problem man. Honestly I didn’t like my bubba but only because I’ve had better buds kush and well it floats around my area a lot. I’ve had other fire ass bud from mama and I’m shocked they’re so low on strains at the moment. Nothing really sticks out to me. Your right tho the first few orders I got from them were subs. Loud has won my eye for the moment.

  • I stand in just updated some premiums. Pic doesn’t look as good as loud’s but those strains I’ve had before and they are 🔥

  • I had an order of bubba smalls come in a week ago. Not bad but definitely not great. For whatever reason smoking that strain from medmama gives me bad heartburn and stomach pain. I still have some left but I'm keeping it as a just incase. I probably wont smoke the rest if I don't have to.

  • I had a Q of pure Og smalls very strong almost every hit had me yawning good pm smoke

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