Lavender og

Was kinda disappointed about this strain it’s mostly Sativa and very weak in potency sky walker was mediocre at least had indica effects that help me rest hate when I buy a ounce of low grade bud but never know until you try it


  • I feel you especially when it’s only cost efficient to get at least an ounce. My issue at times. I remembered reading someone that likes that lavender...sorry it didn’t sit well with you.

  • Yeah i mean buds are decent size this is just a weak strain the best bud I’ve had in a month was sour grapefruits from loud that was fire but was disappointed in med mama quality last time sky walker was alright but not not great

  • I'm glad I only have an eighth coming, then. About a yr ago, I had gotten my hands on a great crop of it, but from a different source since I'm new here.

  • Yeah I was excited about it until I got it ... I have some black cherry soda coming should be fire kush ... lately loud has had the better strains in my opinion

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