I just received my order I’m a little nervous

When ordering 2 grams of shatter does it come balled up. It came in a little dab cap I couldn’t believe 2 gs could be that small and balled up. So I’m kind of freaking out. I would take a picture But I don’t know how to post it on here.


  • I just scaled it out and it’s 2gs exactly sorry I was just very worried. First time buyer here. Sorry for posting this it. Please delete this if you can.

  • It’s ok no worries ! I’m a newbie too ❤️ Glad you got it all figured out ! Happy 💨💨

  • Welcome! Yeah shatter was the first order of mine and I saw the color and was a little put off but it looks darker balled up in the container than it was. I rolled it out between parchment paper and saw it was the same shade as the pic; I also prefer to keep it that way for cutting off dabs easier.

  • Be careful... dabbing is not for beginners.

    THC toxicity is a real thing.

  • @daCabbie you are 100% correct! That sucks big time too. It's happened to me a few times since I found the site. The worst so far was when I made edibles for the first time.

  • @daCabbie your not lying !! When I first tried Dab I had been smoking for years ! When I tell u I felt like I was about to cough up my lungs ! Ever since I’ve been scared of dab. Just felt maybe it was too strong for me ya know. Not all forms are for everybody have to find what works best for your body ya know

  • What the effects some have experienced with "THC toxicity"? I mean..you can poison yourself by drinking too much water..

  • @MizterNiceGuy It probably wasn't thc toxicity in my case. I would say it was more like overdose territory if that's even possible. I made my 1st batch of gummies. Instead of wasting anything, I ate everything left in the bowl and spoon and dissolved the rest in water and drank that. Stupid idea, but why waste anything? Lmao.

    I was so freaking high I was freaking out paranoid. My friend wanted us to stop by that night so against my "stoned will" we went. The whole drive there I was breathing heavy and then I would take a huge deep breath just so I could feel that I was breathing lol. I couldn't feel my face, lips, arms, legs, feet, nothing. I was 3 feet above myself and 3 feet below myself. I was questioning reality hardcore.

    We got to my friends house and when I tried to get out of the vehicle, I couldn't walk straight or hardly hold myself up. For 3 and a half to 4 hours, I sat there having a conversation with my wife and my friend in my mind, I was thinking it but not actually talking.

    When it finally started to wear off it was pure euphoria, most likely because I was thanking God that the super high was almost over.

    It was the highest I've ever been and also the scariest situation I've been in while high, scary because it was very very intense.

    I laugh about it now, but it wasn't very fun for those 3-4 hours lol.

    Actual toxicity as in chs or Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome is a condition that causes vomiting, nausea, and gastrointestinal issues.

    You can also be poisoned by smoking tainted weed by either mold or bacteria.

  • @Jdtokes lmao Back when I was younger I had some similar situation comatosed

  • @Stoney02 Haha yeah, it was a good time and not a good time at the same time lmao. When it was wearing off, I would go from "Oh Thank God" to "Oh shit, when will this slow down?" Lol.

    I used to get like that a lot when I first started smoking, doesn't happen too much nowadays

  • Kinda want to try shatter for the first time. I understand it pretty much pure THC but how does it smell what heated/vaporized? Does it contain terpenes also? Like would it be noticeable to neighbors?

  • @rasta0458 yes shatter will smell and it is tasty like weed but I find that the smell and smoke does not "cling" to things like weed smoke will. Not as discreet of a smell as vaping but way more so than smoking herb.

  • @MizterNiceGuy never had it. I smoke all day everyday.. I hit my dab rig probably a good 7-8 times a day, when I’m not at work or super busy running around that is, and countless bowls, and edibles in between that! Hope it helps!

  • This one time though, I was like 16... me and three of my buddies were hotboxing my buddies car. I’d say we sat there for about 4-5 hours... we smoked an entire zip in blunts...(Like 120 of them) I remember sitting in the back seat and I felt like the car was upside down on its roof.. pretty intense but they say youd have to smoke your own body weight in like 30 minutes to “OD” on the old marijuanas

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