First loud order

I’ve been ordering for a few months just refills from mama. Finally pulled the trigger on some bud from loud. Looks like both1/2 jh and 1/2 ghost (hopefully as it’s gone from site now) and 4 wedding cake refills will be here Saturday. From the reviews on the bud I’m excited!


  • I've had nothing but good experiences with Loud!

  • I’m a newbie as well ! Because of all the good reviews I’ve ordered 4 flower strains from Loud and 2 from Medmama

  • Everyone says Loud sends Freebies 🖤🖤😊😊

  • I’ve never had a issue with the freebie from momma personally. Have always gotten what requested.

  • Lately I dont get any freebie from mama, If I request or not. No worries though, THC delivery by mail is a godsend.

  • Agreed. I’ve found it hard to find in Southeast GA.

  • I always get a freebie with both shippers. @Bobn218 is that Lavender in your main picture? I also got a Jack H/Ghost split before Ghost fell off the menu. Can't wait

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    Was premium purple kush I believe from mama a while back. I can’t wait. Looking like it’ll be here tomorrow.

  • @Bobn218 nice buds. I've got Medmama's Premium Watermelon as my main pic, may change to Fruit Loops. Tomorrow is the day for my JH/Ghost as well!

  • Sweet! That bud looks awesome. Looks like my mama order is in town but my loud is sitting in Jacksonville according to informed. Been there since yesterday and mama order passed it up! Hopefully it’s just a scanning issue. Was wanting to try that bud!

  • @MizterNiceGuy my XJ13 and I think mammoth is coming today !!

  • I took a little break from purchasing (a whole week 🤣), but I was missing the rush of getting those packages in the mail. And I'm getting bored with my bud. So a half of Galactic Jack and Lodi Dodi was ordered 😬 I LOVE Jack Herer, as I'm a Sativa girl, but decided to try something a little different with the Galactic Jack. Praying the JH mixes well with the Space Queen for that strain.

  • @suchacutie89 my Dirty Girl(weed) and I are up early waiting for Jack/Ghost to arrive.

  • Both orders just got here. The bud looks amazing. To be honest I haven’t seen bud like this since I moved from northern Minnesota. Kinda salty I can’t it till later.

  • Ghost is hands down the best smoke I’ve had in years. The wife walked in and her first words to me were “dear the house fucking stinks!” Nice heavy buzz. The JH almost as good.

  • Can't wait for Jack/Ghost. Never tried any "Ghost" variation. Delivery date changed from Friday, Saturday, and now Delivery Date Unknown, in transit for days. Trying to be patient.

  • Mine showed delivery for Monday. Hell showed sitting in Jacksonville even after delivered. The rona has shit all fucked up I think.

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