How are the sugar trim J’s?

Anyone tried them? Are Louds outdoor better?


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    I got one as a freebie, and it was pretty kick ass... Of course, I have no idea what it was, other than a sativa. And I think MM are the only ones that do a sugar trim.

  • I wouldn't waste my money on sugar trim joints... the price per gram is too much... Loud's outdoor is a+ for the money... or try Loud's Blue Dream trim, it's had good reviews.

  • I buy sugar trim joints all the time. They are OK. I use them to share with friends that show up about once a month just to say "hi".

    I save the flower I order for myself. :wink:

    When ordering, let them know what you want. You can't order specific strains, only indica, sativa, or hybrid. It's a crap shoot what strain they use though, and sometimes they label the package with what they used.


  • Medmama loves "Mix" labeled joints.

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