Anyone ever did 1-4oz?

Wondering how 1 to the 4oz ordering options are packed. Im worried to much vacuum will be pulled and cause the flower to condense into more of a brick like clump. I prefer to have nice fluff buds as I usually get in orders up to 1/2's.


  • Two days unsealed and a boveda pack... good as new.

  • @daCabbie So after receiving the vac pack you saying open in and dump it in like a mason jar with a Boveda pack and about two days later it should be back to loose full rounded buds like it was never in vac? Or leave mason jar open to air "Which i don't thing the neighbors would like l0l"?

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    @daCabbie Also what Boveda pack are best for our use? Like they seem to have % measurements from the option on AMZN.

  • @rasta0458 62% is more for storage and if you want your weed nice and sticky. I prefer the 58%, because it still keeps my weed in perfect condition without being too moist, and I'm constantly in and out of my jars. Not too much storage going on 🤣

  • Boveda and jars makes medicine stay JUICY

  • Ordered 4 one time and it came no more squished than the halfs or quarters have. I was happy. Seems to be hit or miss with how much vacuum but I have not had any complaints so far.

  • Yeah, makes no difference in my experience. Comes packed up nice and tidy and labeled with freebies like the others!

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