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The other one is gonna get taken down because he’s advertising a probably scamming website, but let’s talk shrooms. @daCabbie you seem to be pretty knowledgeable in this field yes? I’d love to hear of how some of you have used psylicybin, I’ve always wanted to try them, who knows maybe this site can make it happen one day ;)



  • @liarliar03 @daCabbie Thank you for the new thread as I think the new subject should be talked about. @daCabbie any knowledge you can bring would be awesome as we are all not here for just the products but also learning from others in the industry to help better that cause.

  • Mushrooms are great! I packed up my entire grow to begin my journey into Mycology(for personal use now) it is so much easier than growing buds, given you have to be pretty sterile, the shrooms are more fun than bud IMO, they hit you harder deeper if that makes sense and they are all around great... I’ve never been diagnosed with anything but my mother is bipolar/Schitz... anytime I do shrooms, fall asleep and awake, I feel like a newborn.. my mood is great, body feels good and relaxed, and I’m just a “better person”. I have learned that if you’re trying to take them to just see things, it doesn’t really work like that.. I advis like once a month. If that. Keep that tolerence nice and low because I personally only do it about once a quarter, but it’s still nice to order and grow and learn a ton :-)

  • That's very informative and I am optimistic about trying it soon when life calms down. I actually know of a site that does truffles from Holland but never actually got to try it because I didn't store them in a fridge and 2 weeks later they were moldy 🧀

  • @MikeyC I wish you could give the info to said site 😂🤣😅

  • @MikeyC I'd like to know too lol

  • Just go on mewe- I'm not breaking rules here. They're too good to me!

  • As @Fastguy199 said they are really easy and quick to grow. Spores can be obtained legally and cheaply. I use reddit for spores. Mushrooms have literally changed my outlook on life and helped me to find my calling. Tripping is so much fun but it can also be so much more than that!

  • @nefgreen i can say it’s easier than growing plants. IMO.. more room for mistakes “sowing” but it’s so much easier and so much less work.

  • I just wanna know how zoomy-zooms make boring Friday and music sound so much better? It just baffles the mind... it's like magic or something?

    And why are there squirrels in all my multiverses?

  • Theres a guy on r/shrooms growing them out of a kiddy pool right now...craziest thing I ever saw.
    @daCabbie idk lol but its like they want us to eat them

  • I prefer carpet... nice thick seventies shag carpet... keeps em moist.

  • Anyone have any tricks on cultivating pan. Cyans? I’m a complete amateur/beginner at this stuff and just want to get it right😅😂

  • Never done pan cyans but I think they require a casing and cooler temps compared to cubes

  • @nefgreen awesome! Any tips on APES? Treasure coast? Gallindoi? Atl 7? I’ve read quite a few of these strains are above amateur strains.. so far I’ve inoculated Apes, TC, Puerto Rican’s,atl7,pan cyan, gallindoi, and pan cope. To Agar Petri dishes and they all seem to be holding up! (No SAB No flow hood)

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    @Fastguy199 .....

  • Nothing against shrooms, but I hope MM keeps his wits about him and does not add them to the menu, it's a kin to suicide.

  • @Fastguy199 yeah a couple of those are probably above amateur lvl but give it a shot still why not. AFAIK the APE should be a normal cube variety but the difficulty lies in possible contams in the spores because they are swabbed and unable to get prints from those. I have grown treasure coast thats a normal cube from Florida...real easy to grow. If you got the APE on agar that should allow you to spot contams and possibly isolate them. The other psilocybe strains I have heard of and I know are mexican but I am not sure about growing. Thats good if they are growing well but sometimes getting mycelium to fruit is the real challenge I guess with some of the exotics.
    How are you innoculating without a SAB or hood? Turning off AC and showering? You must have a very clean home lol
    @tracker3795 i think someone said on here they used to way back but stopped. Not sure if thats true or not but I could see it possibly creating more risk and unwanted attention. Who knows

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    Anyone know if there’s is a LEGIT page like this that sells psyilocybin cubensis? I don’t think it’ll ever get added here, they seem to want to hide that they used to sell it, so I’m gonna trust them and think it’s for the better, but I wanna get my hands on some, anyone know if empire market vendors work or anything like that?

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    @nefgreen I do try to keep a clean house! Lol I bring all of my supplies into my bathroom, make sure the ac is off and turn all fans around off for a good 30 or so mins.. I’ll spray the air with clorox or ipa and go sterilize the counter and everything near and all my supplies and go to town! I woke up this morning and had an itch to check my dishes. As I do every morning (1st thing) lol and today I am seeing some goldish brown on the bottom sides of my APE dish... there are a few spots on the dish and a few pretty big pieces of spore.(where the golden brown is) So I’m wondering if the discoloration is a contam or just normal breaking down or oxidation of the “black spores” I will snap a pic and post it up in a bit.( because it truly doesn’t look like bacteria but I’m still new and don’t have anything to truly gauge off) I’m curious as to what you may think it is!

    The rest of my dishes are doing great though(and the apes mycelium have also doubled in size on agar) , I have a small 1 pound bag of grain spawn going With treasure coast and literally overnight the colonization picked up, I checked it about noon yesterday-nothing. 10:30 today and I am seeing all kinds of mycelium picking up all through out the bag 7 days after innoc. I have the bag in a cardboard box xupported about an inch above a heating pad set for 79 (+-) 2
    I had a big 5 pound grain bag going with some Ape spores, but after I broke it up (at the 25% mark) I believe I contamed it by allowing the grain to touch the filter) it turned into a literal sludge and smelled like death so I chucked it and introduced the same spores I had into my now Petri dishes.

    Also what is AFAIK?. Lol

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    @liarliar03 I don’t know of any. I can tell you if you google it, do not buy from the top names that pop up. I have been scammed from 3 sites trying to get cubes or truffles and they all claim they are legit. I’d say dark market(web) believe it or not would probably be your best bet. Super easy with TOR!

  • @daCabbie I will definitely check that out! Thank you much! I have been scrolling shroomery and psilosophy I beleive it is with tons of info, but still not enough!

  • @Fastguy199 that is how I did it when I started out except in a small walk in closet. Now I use a cheap clear tote as a SAB on top of my desk and it works well. I still turn off the AC though for good measure and I always wear a surgical mask and shower.
    AFAIK: as far as I know 😁
    It sounds like it could be possible contam but not sure. I havent done agar myself but I read...a lot hahah. Sometimes tissue samples can become a little discolored on agar but if you are using spores I think it should be clean and white looking. Another note about the agar dishes is a lot of people will try to grow them to the edge before use but from what I read in one of Paul Stamets books is that it should be no more than 3/4ths as the edges can be a source of contam.
    You may be able to cut the good part out and transfer if it is indeed contamination.
    Yeah about the grain bag with spores gone bad...apparently this is bad practice and leads to that a lot. I recently learned this because I wanted to get a pressure cooker to start doing grains and learned I would have to do spore to agar first and then transfer that to the grain jars. No big deal just something I was not aware of before so I will be purchasing my first agar dishes soon.
    Right now all I use are half pint BRF cakes that get broken up for bulk. After inoculation I generally keep them in the dark and at room temp(75) in the closet but I use a big drawer now as I figure it gets less drafty and less exposure to light. You are probably getting faster growth than me with the pad setup

  • @nefgreen Awesome! I cannot figure out how to upload photos onto here! Or I would.. I’m thinking contam then because I wasn’t the best at placing the spores directly in the center, the spores I am concerned with are the largest pieces and they are right against the sides of the dish.. i am still trying to figure out how I’m going to upload pics just to kinda show everyone! If you are looking to buy Petri dishes that have agar already in them I recommend amazon! They came pre filled and they are 100% sterile when they arrived!

    Do you just mono-tub-Setup? Or what would you say the best set up is for beginner bulk teks? How much light and what’s the perfect fruiting temperature/hum for majority of cubes?

    There’s a super cool autonomous monotub on YouTube I believe willy myco shows you how to put it together and that’s what I was originally going after but I’ve scaled back to shoebox on my first few “bulk runs” cus there is so much stuff.. I’ve done brf cakes with success just putting them into fruiting chamber or breaking them up and spreading them under a tree in my backyard and keeping them nice and moist.

    If you want a good pressure cooker the “crock pot”pressure cooker/multi cooker works great, I think it gets up to like 10 psi which IMO(I’m no scientist— and I’ve had good luck with it without using extensive still or flow air)is plenty to kill off any bad bacteria, and you can also cook stuff like badass rice and a solid frozen chicken breast/steak in under 10 minutes!

    Knowing what u know,the agar will be a piece of cake— even if you opt to mix/sterilize your own!

    What are good ingredients for a nice basic substrate? It seems everywhere you look these answers change.. and I don’t personally know any mycologists so any personal experience will be well noted 😁
    I’m thinking I already have the pasteurized substrate I’m going to use for my pan cyan. And pan cope. But just want to see what a few others are using on other stuff..

    I like to do “impossible” things

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  • Yeah I just do monotubs. I started out with the 6qt shoeboxes but this year Im doing a couple 27qt mini monos;I just use coir bricks and pasteurize with boiled water in a bucket with a lid. That is all my substrate is at the moment but I may experiment with adding gypsum. Manure based substrates are also great but I dont have a good source that is cheap enough so I have been sticking to basic coir only...cubes will grow great on it.
    I have seen willy myco and his stuff his great I just keep things super simple and Im a total cheap ass. I never really bother checking humidity but optimum is 90%+ and temp should be about 75-80. I just keep my stuff at room temp and mist and fan often...dont stress too much about light I only use one bulb that is like a 9W led I think and it is not directly on the tubs it just shines towards them. They dont need much light to pin and grow they just need to know which way to go. With humidity if you have moisture droplets on the walls/lid you should be good to go.

  • @nefgreen sweet! I’ve read stuff that says light is a pinning trigger and I’ve read stuff that says it isn’t.. I am going to play around with a bunch of different stuff as it seems they like growing a number of ways!

  • Main pinning trigger is air exchange and humidity next to light. Something about the surface evaporation causes it I think...that is why a lot of "teks" that you read will tell you to mist first then fan because you want some of those droplets to start evaporating.
    Theres definitely a lot of different opinions and techniques and a lot of them work just a matter of what fits into your life and budget.

  • @nefgreen got it, so with the shoe box, how far off the base of the box would you drill your holes? I have just completed one of my boxes and I did my fae holes about 2 inches from the bottom and 2 inches apart all the way around.. I plan on building my bulk/spawn up about 1.5-1.75” I figured once I get that into my shoebox I’ll just throw some foil on it till it starts to show mycelium? Then throw another shoebox on top and mist and fan daily till harvest?

  • Im gonna start microdosing to manage my ADHD and BPD.
    If it works, I'm going off medication.

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