Perfect rolls every time!!!!

I don’t have any affiliation with this company, just blown away by its “roll anything perfectly” roller! Check it out!!!

They’re called Scrollingmats


  • It’s like rolling sushi! If you like ocb premiums, you should check out Raw Blacks, all the greatness of the the ocbs but no added chalks(also don’t have affiliation with this company lol)

  • That’s just a pic from their insta.

  • How is this better than a dollar bill?

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    If you can roll any size joint cone or blunt with any tip and any paper, wrap, leaf etc perfectly every time with a dollar bill, more power to ya. I can’t. 😉 also ewww, but whatever. 😁

    I actually almost never roll. Im a bong guy but i just found this thing to be very simple and impressive. Apparently they have a v2 about to be released as well. I just love “gadgets” like this.

    Lots of vids on their insta.

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