Would love a review on the Jack Hammer when someone receives..

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Please! It says it leans indica but I’m curious. I was going to put an order in for some but I’m holding out for a hard-hitting sativa to hit the board again before I order.


  • @Theboyua I'm right there with you! (waiting for that next super sativa to drop, that will be my next order) but yeah the Jack Hammer looks real nice, i would be interesting to know about it too. (will check back here if/when i get mine too)

  • Ordered mine it is scheduled for Saturday along with my White widow !! Enjoying this Sour Jack until there. !

  • I lowered the boom on Fruitpunch and Space Queen today. Sativa stock refilled!

  • Jack Hammer was an absolutely steal !! Pure FIRE 🔥 LOVED IT! Pissed that I only got an eighth ! My husband even enjoyed that as well as white widow

  • @Theboyua did you get yours yet? i would love a quick review on the Hawaiian & the space queen .. still considering both of these along with the organic jack

  • .. or anyone else, obviously, i just read that Theboyua ordered both . but please, others chime in :wink:

  • Jack Hammer is really good, it’s definitely one I’d reorder more of. Jack Hammer def makes me feel happy and lifted. I plan to start my morning with Hawaiian Punch today.

  • @Theboyua When i get home i can show mine and review it. I have a lot of it because i got it 2 days ago. Its fucking great

  • Nice ! Hell yeah. Would love some pics ; I'm kinda bummed I missed on the Hawaiian Punch but I just wasn't ready to order

  • @v32Finish I think Medmama is going to release new strains either tonight or tomorrow night. It just seems that way

  • cool.. they have been sitting with that same flower for a long time.. excited to see the next add.

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