Canna Caps and Tropical Tincture from Med Jane

I'm intrigued by these from Med Jane. I may have to pull the trigger when I get paid.

I know it's too early to have any reviews, but any suggestions on what I should grab?

I was leaning towards the canna caps, but I love everything tropical flavored and weed 🤣


  • The caps looked interesting and a decent price for 50. If you go for those, please review.

  • @NOLA504 I thought the price looked decent too. I'll most likely end up getting them. And whoever writes their descriptions for that shipper is on point. I also hope they pop up with some more flower other than the CBD stuff, because I'm curious.

  • I would DEF grab the resin candy hearts if it wasn't 90 some degrees of hell outside.

  • @OneLove, yeah being down in the southeast with that weather it'll be a while before I order edibles.

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