Why it is a good idea to always use the contact form...

Can't wait to try this Orange cake from loud now! Mwuhahahaha


  • elaborate plz. :D

  • put me down with the knowledge! haha

  • I followed the rules when I had the most minor issue with my order and they made it up to me and sent me a fixer pack... Now I'm trying an (unreleased?) strain tonight and couldn't be more excited.

  • ooh. nice! yeah, i try to follow the rules and help them out bc i can imagine what they have to deal with. that's awesome!!

    i wonder sometimes how much stuff they have that's "off menu". i'm sure they have a bunch of stuff for the concentrates, as well as personal stuff that comes thru that isn't enough quantity (or is simply too good? :D) to make it on the menu..

    that hasn't happened to me, (getting a off-menu or unreleased strain) but definitely cool!!! let us know how it is!!

  • Check back here in like 9 hours

  • Ah yes, ive had a similar situation. Got to try an unreleased “Super Ice” from MedMama once due to a similar scenario...

  • Received a nice bud of Tropicana a week or so ago from Mama..it was 🔥..was hoping to see it on the menu but didn’t happen..at least not for now..enjoy!

  • I had 4 Lions once which i didnt see on the menu, but i didnt care much for it lol

  • @MikeyC i need an update ☺️☺️☺️

  • 🍊 🍰 is delicious and my guess hybrid. Fun to enjoy tv and vegging out.

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