Hello, Im new. :)


  • I know this post is very bland but.. what do i expect from my first order?

  • Welcome! Alot of us that post here are new as well.

    What to expect .. As far as what? Ordering? Receiving? Or in general? I would say to expect a slight process getting set up to be comfortable ordering/paying, and then... after that, I would just say to expect good things :)

  • The worst part is waiting for the post office. Expect quality product/packaging from my experience anyway.

  • When you get your first package, you will be quite pleased with how they get it to you.

    Oh, by the way, newbies have to roll the first joint. :smiley:

  • Expect what you ordered plus several freebies. Mostly edibles that have no impact lol.

  • My advice is respect the rules tightly and stay secure. Never had any issues.

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