Green Crack, Jack Herer and Hawaiian Punch On Now

New Strains early this morning. Ordered half OZ of Green Crack and Hawaiian Punch


  • would've liked to have ordered both.. but for now i settled w. just an 8th of the Green Crack because it's one of those weird instances of a popular strain that i've never actually had before.. but yeah i really would like to pick up some Hawaiian Punch too but i just cant do it rt now

  • I wish they'd hold like a gram and a half of everything for me and tell me when to pay them 150 or so every 3 weeks to a month- vaping flower problems...

  • @v32Finish this is my first time having GC from this site..I’ve seen it come and go a couple timeS but always greenhouse or outdoor..I’m looking forward to the indoor..the Hawaiian Punch I’ve tried from Mama as a was good but I’m interested to hear people’s feedback

  • Looking forward to that master kush, tough choice though that’s for sure

  • @Johnnyblue42 no kidding .. i have 3 i'm waiting for, and that still leaves a couple i am passing on that i wanted to try :/ but i'm looking forward to that master kush too! (and the blackberry as well) def. a tough choice this time around

  • Anybody try this batch of space queen?

  • Has anyone ever tried the Green Crack ? I want to try it

  • @suchacutie89 I have in medmama's vape refills and smoking now. Great daytime strain! I ordered some of the flower and waiting on it!

  • Bc it has from Loud I think imma go ahead and order just an 8th to try it out. @FuxLupus ☺️ I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about the vape. I personally don’t vape but would imagine the flower is just as good

  • Just went ahead and purchased so guess I’ll see ! Asked for a freebie of Hawaiian Punch as well loud usually gives every time ❤️

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