Has anyone had this batch of mammoth? I found one of the last batches to be stemmy and i got an o. Thanks.


  • I wonder if it is the same thing . I know it was a Premium previously though. I want to know how it is

  • The one im referring to was not premium. It was indoor. It was a little while back. My notes on it say "Ehh, night time, too stemmy, powdery(which was a positive)-- it was a nice slow burn))" Its not on my yes side and not on my no side lol.

  • i'm curious about this strain, too. i've never had it before and it seems not many ppl talk about it, but i have a weird feeling it would be juicaliscious

  • Will keep you posted ;)

  • Went ahead and got a 1/4 of the mammoth. Will definitely give my thoughts once it arrives.

  • Split an ounce of Green Crack & Mammoth will also let everyone how it is once it arrives.

  • Ive had some time with it. Two seperate indoor batches. I have to move it to my no list. This batch- its very harsh and peppery. Most of the buds are loose and not dense. Its a very fast burn. Does not knock me out or give me couck lock. Smell...cant put my finger on it. Not the best strain in my opinion.

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